Saturday, January 31, 2009

True Colors

A visitor at a show once asked me if I was a devil worshipper! I was showing a lot of different works - devils and angels among them. I find it interesting that many viewers will zoom in on the pieces that disturb them the most.

I'm not a devil worshipper, but I do like to point out that there must be two on the teeter-totter or it will just sit there. I'm constantly focusing on opposites and trying to find the right balance in my own mind.

The little imp shown here can't hide its true colors....


  1. I have had similar questions or if I am depressed or something? I do a whole range of work and issues (some very dark and some very joyful) but yes, some focus on what disturbs them and then they have to assume something arg! It can be quite annoying.

    I like your work :) I came here by way of BC

  2. I like your art. Very interesting.

  3. Funny that at first glance, I wasn't thinking "devil" so much as "chili pepper."