Friday, April 10, 2009

Second Sight

Possessing second sight is supposed to be about having the ability to foresee the future. I've given this mask extra powers with a little help from two more sets of eyes! The background of the main face is meant to be a table cloth or other everyday kind of fabric that is so familiar, we barely notice it. This puts the focus on the windows of the soul and the magic that can be revealed behind them.

I'm not sure if I fully believe in the idea of prophetic vision, but I like to think we're capable of more than what is commonly accepted.


  1. I just stumbled on your site and blog - wonderful! The ideas you present are indeed universal. Thankyou.

    I've been a mask maker for 25 years, and from 1999 to 2007 had a collection of 30 theatrical Masks of the Goddess that travelled around the U.S. It is good to meet another "Mask Woman".

    Lauren Raine

  2. I want to know how you make so many?!!! The work in your masks is obvious, they are very beautiful. I am an avid collector of masks, perhaps one day I can own one of yours? Just want to say that I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this mask, and I do think we are all capbable of prophetic visions and insights but thanks to not slowing down long enough, most of us will never find this out. I for one know its there, slowing down to tap into it is the hard part.
    Have a safe Easter!

  3. The works of yours-they are great. Soulful artworks. It's really good to find you on the net. Keep on making them.
    Cheewin. an admirer from Thialand