Monday, July 20, 2009

Life Support

This piece was conceived and made at the same time as the previously shown "Heart Attack" and further illustrates how I work within a theme. All the work I'm currently doing is in this same framework: lots of ongoing themes that sometimes mutate into new themes. For me, creativity is an evolutionary concept and, by its nature, never static.

"Life Support" is another one of those masks that I wish I'd written a few notes about when I made it! Without a doubt, I had hearts on the brain - but the motivation has escaped me.....


  1. Just wanted to say hi and great Blog.

  2. You know my problem Peggy - I don't catch up on your site often enough! When I do I get something out of it every single time. I would love to know how to purchase one of your creations, what type of costs are we looking at?