Wednesday, March 25, 2009


While working on this piece I was contemplating growth and beginnings. I've used the tree as metaphor so many times now that it has become an essential part of my artistic vocabulary. Originally I had intended to have only the driftwood pieces as arms....but after attaching them, I felt that something more was needed. Thank goodness for putty epoxy! I was able to sculpt the small hands and blend them into the arms - Voila!

This small sculpture has been in the works for some time now. I finally finished it a few weeks ago in time for the Contemporary Crafts show. It was the first thing I sold and, now that its gone, I'm thinking about the piece and its own journey....


  1. I love this piece! No wonder it was snapped off the "shelves" of your exhibit. But then, having discovered your work first on etsy, I really admire all of your work. Thank you.

  2. Your stuff is amazing!!!!!!! It makes my life worth it.